Waffle Takeout

Waffle Takeout

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Smart & Simple Project Management from GitHub Enterprise


Waffle Takeout is a smart and simple project management tool for teams that use GitHub Enterprise. Never wonder if an Issue or Pull Request is still in progress or not. Waffle listens to the actions in your workflow to know when work is started, ready for review, or finished and updates your status automatically.



Waffle Takeout support is available during U.S. business hours via support@waffle.io, but with no guaranteed SLA.




  •  Updates on your team's board will display on your collaborators' screens with no refresh necessary.


Multiple Repos on a Single Board

  •  Connect any number of GitHub repositories to a single board. View all of your open issues and pull requests for a single project, multiple projects, or across your entire organization.


Labels, Owners, & Comments

  •  Cards can be labelled (for organization and filtering), assigned to individual owners, and commented on in order to keep the work moving forward.



  •  Organize your issues into milestones for easier planning and tracking. All boards include a milestone filter, so you always know what's being worked on.


Customizable Workflow

  •  Your board can be modified to fit your workflow - Waffle doesn't lock you in to any workflow convention. Need inspiration? Check out our development board to see how we do it.



  • Filter cards on your board via labels, issue text, milestone, and owner. Bookmark or share the URL of your favorite filtered views. Get exactly the view you want, and see nothing you don't.

Technical Specifications

Waffle Takeout installs on your own system, whether it’s on a cloud provider or in your own data center.

See https://takeout.waffle.io/ for more information, or contact us.

System Requirements

Monitoring Domain Other
Support Model Community

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