CA APM agentless Docker Monitoring

CA APM agentless Docker Monitoring

CA Technologies, Inc.
The CA APM agentless Docker Monitoring and Container Flow Map provide metric information for Docker containers and a graphical representation of the network relationships between containers.


The CA APM agentless Docker Monitoring provides deep, actionable insight into your Docker environments and the services running on containers, so that your staff can spot and address issues faster. Use the agentless Docker Monitoring to optimize resource utilization, performance and capacity planning, by capturing performance metrics from standalone Docker containers as well as from swarm deployments. Container Flow Map is responsible for graphically representing network relationships between Docker containers in any of the Docker Team Center perspectives. Use it in conjunction with the Agentless Docker Monitoring to automatically detect container interdependencies. Container Flow Map is available for CA APM 10.5.1 and above.


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This extension is not supported by CA.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise this field pack is only supported on the same platforms as the APM core agent. See APM Compatibility Guide.


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