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CA API Management: Managing Kerberos Authentication 300

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CA API Management: Managing Kerberos Authentication 300

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0.50 hrs.


The web is no longer the single channel organizations think about when engaging with users, partners, and customers. With the veritable explosion of mobile technology, the rise of the cloud, and the emergence of the Internet of Things, the enterprise today is being forced to expose data once considered sacred to a shareable asset outside the organization. The CA API Management suite provides enterprises with a comprehensive set of solutions that externalize the data that is exposed by APIs in a secure, reliable, and manageable way. In this course, you are introduced to a fictitious company named Voonair Airlines as they discover a business need to integrate Kerberos authentication into their implementation of CA API Gateway. You will learn how Voonair Airlines can set up unconstrained, constrained, and protocol transition delegations using CA API Gateway as a trusted party to act on behalf of both the client and the back-end server. You will then view a full demonstration as Voonair Airlines configures each type of delegation within their enterprise environment..

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