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CA Live API Creator 3.0: Differences 200

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CA Live API Creator 3.0: Differences 200

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1.00 hrs.


Because of the competitive pressures rising from the application economy, enterprises need to develop API-based apps faster, unlocking stagnant value from data stores and legacy applications. Application development is being driven toward DevOps processes and microservices architectures that break monolithic applications into logical components that can be continuously developed and deployed for new projects. Big data and IoT are driving the explosion of data that needs to be collected, selectively exposed, and then monetized to create new business models. Today’s enterprise, as it embraces digital transformation, needs to address these challenges to move forward. With CA Live API Creator, you can create APIs from legacy and modern data sources and apps, significantly remove cost and time from the development process through automation and business logic enforcement. CA Live API Creator enables the rapid creation of application back-ends for internal applications, mobile development projects, data-as-a-service exposure, IoT enablement, and partner integration. It permits the decomposition of large applications into self-contained units containing everything necessary for app delivery: data integration, business logic, and a robust API interaction layer. And it does all this in minutes rather than months. In this course, you will quickly become familiar with the new features available with CA Live API Creator 3.0.

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