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CA Mobile App Services 1.1: New Features 200

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CA Mobile App Services 1.1: New Features 200

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1.00 hrs.


With the veritable explosion of mobile technology, the rise of the cloud, and the emergence of the Internet of Things, the enterprise today is being forced to expose data once considered sacred to a shareable asset outside the organization. The CA API Management suite provides enterprises with a comprehensive set of solutions that externalize the data and services exposed by APIs in a secure, reliable, and manageable way. Enterprises of all sizes and shapes have been mobilizing their app assets in the quest for productivity gains and improved customer satisfaction. As complexity grows, apps take longer to bring to market and might be only supported on one platform. However, users want these apps quickly and on many different platforms. CA Mobile App Services tackles the challenges of accelerating your IoT and mobile app projects by offering pre-defined sets of services, exposed as APIs and SDKs. This offering enables you to develop apps quickly, extend existing enterprise assets, and gain granular control using industry-leading API management and security capabilities of CA API Management. In this course, you will quickly become familiar with the new features of this CA API Management product.

Keywords: Layer 7, 40API20280

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