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CA API Gateway 9.1: New Features 200

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CA API Gateway 9.1: New Features 200

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1.00 hrs.


With the veritable explosion of mobile technology, the rise of the cloud, and the emergence of the Internet of Things, the enterprise today is being forced to expose data once considered sacred to a shareable asset outside the organization. The CA API Management suite provides enterprises with a comprehensive set of solutions that externalize the data and services exposed by APIs in a secure, reliable, and manageable way. The foundation of the suite is the CA API Gateway, which enables enterprises to write policies and rules that manage and secure all the API traffic. In this course, you will quickly become familiar with the new features introduced in version 9.1, which include a new wizard to help you publish an API in the Policy Manager based on a Swagger document, new assertions to help protect against message replay and to process CORS requests, and new caches available for CA Single Sign-On. You will identify changes that were made to the Policy Manager, appliances, solution kit entities, and licensing, and gain an insight into the new capability that enables you to perform bypass message auditing when the database is full. You will also identify a new process for solution kit migration, the steps to perform the CA API Gateway upgrade, and the new ability to silently configure the CA API Gateway node.

Keywords: Layer 7, 40API20260

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