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CA Live API Creator r2.x: Foundations 200

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CA Live API Creator r2.x: Foundations 200

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2.00 hrs.


This course aims to provide you with a functional understanding of the CA Live API Creator 2.x product. You will learn about the CA Live API Creator components and architecture and will understand the workflow behind the product. You will discover how to install and manage the product whether it is on-premise or within the cloud. You will then be introduced to the type of business logic and events that power this product, which allow for quick and easy deployment of database driven APIs. You will see how to create spreadsheet-like rules that allow API updates to occur without creating complex code or writing involved SQL scripts. Finally, you will learn how to extend the capabilities of your APIs by adding JavaScript code during request processing. Your ability to understand concepts around common IT infrastructure such as Windows and Linux virtual machines and using and deploying APIs is essential to the success of this course. Familiarity of relational databases such as MySQL or Oracle is required. In addition, a strong background in web services, application servers, and internetworking concepts will help provide a foundation of learning.

Keywords: Espresso Logic, Security, 40API20180

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Self Paced Online English (United States)  $200.00