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CA API Management SaaS r2.0: Foundations 200

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CA API Management SaaS r2.0: Foundations 200

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1.00 hrs.


This course aims to provide you with a functional understanding of the CA API Management SaaS product. You will begin by understanding the solution itself and what is included within the package. You will learn the backbone and architecture of the solution while understanding what the core components are that make up the building blocks of this SaaS implementation. You will learn how to manage the API lifecycle as both a Publisher and as a Developer. You will understand the functional philosophy behind publishing APIs, onboarding developers, consuming APIs, and finally, how to analyze and report on their usage. Your ability to understand concepts around common IT infrastructure such as ESX servers, layer 2 and layer 3 switches, load balancers, Linux virtual machines as well as using relational databases such as Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to access identity management is essential to the success of this course. In addition, a strong background in web services, application servers and internetworking concepts will help provide a foundation of learning. Finally, a functional understanding of the CA API Gateway appliance and authoring policies will add greatly to the understanding of this solution.

Keywords: Layer 7 , 40API20050

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Self Paced Online English (United States)  $100.00