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CA PPM 15.3: Integration 300 Bundle

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CA PPM 15.3: Integration 300 Bundle

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32.00 hrs.


Completing projects on time, on budget, and within scope is critical to the business and requires the very best in project and portfolio management solutions. CA Project and Portfolio Manager 15.3 (CA PPM) helps you drive strategic initiatives across your entire enterprise by managing your dynamic business requirements, complex projects, global resources, and shrinking budgets. The bundle course content focuses on the technical aspects of the application, including CA PPM Studio, XML Open Gateway (XOG), Generic Execution Language (GEL) scripting, and Web Service Definition Language (WSDL). This bundle includes CA PPM 15.1: Integration Using XOG 300, CA PPM 15.1: Integration Using GEL 300 and CA PPM 15.1: Integration Using WSDL 300. There are no changes in CA PPM 15.3 that affect this course. Please note, therefore, that the content included here is from the CA PPM 15.1 version which is bundled with the CA PPM 15.2 Cumulative Differences course. The purpose of including the Cumulative Differences course is for reference of minor updates in the CA PPM 15.2 release.

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