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CA PPM 15.3: Data Warehouse Management 300

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CA PPM 15.3: Data Warehouse Management 300

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1.00 hrs.


Having the right data at your fingertips is critical for making decisions in a software-driven business environment. Facilitating access to project-related data is a key focus of the CA Project & Portfolio Manager 15.3 (CA PPM) data warehouse. The CA PPM data warehouse is the main data source for the advanced reporting features of the application and its schema is optimized specifically for reporting. This class will explain the benefits of the data warehouse and the reporting challenges that it addresses. You will also be taught about setting up the data warehouse and managing its schema. This course will help you remedy the causes of performance issues and manage the data warehouse schema effectively. There are no changes in CA PPM 15.3 that affect this course. Please note, therefore, that the content included here is from the CA PPM 15.1 version which is bundled with the CA PPM 15.2 Cumulative Differences course. The purpose of including the Cumulative Differences course is for reference of minor updates in the CA PPM 15.2 release.

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