SQLAgent With Parameters

SQLAgent With Parameters

CA Technologies, Inc.
SQLAgent With Parameters is and add-on to the OOTB SQL functionality of the Java agent that displays all SQL parameter values.


SQLAgent With Parameters is a java extension that improves the OOTB SQL functionality of the Java agent that displays all SQL parameter values. Note that variables in SQL statements frequently represent confidential/secure data, e.g. an account number or a social security number. This add-on makes all parameters visible in transaction traces. The following information is displayed in the Properties section of an element representing a SQL statement in the Trace View of a transaction trace (in addition to the OOTB information): Prepared Statement Bind Variables, Prepared Statement initial prepared and resolved SQL, Full Dynamic Statements With Variables, Database Connection URL. The following additional metrics are generated: Average Result Rows Processed 



This extension is supported by CA.

      Please raise issues as usual through: CA Support Online

Unless explicitly stated otherwise this extension is only supported on the same platforms as the APM core agent. See APM Compatibility Guide.


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